Age Concern Travel Insurance – When You Have No Intentions of Slowing Down!

Finding acceptable travel insurance coverage when you are of a certain age can be tough; many insurance companies do not want to cover you because of pre-existing health conditions, or simply because they think you’re too much of a risk.  Age Concern travel insurance should be considered if you’re still young at heart and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.  For many, life just begins when you come to be age 50, 65 or older!  If you intend to ski, para-sail, rock climb, snorkel, go sailing or participate in exciting activities, you want to be sure that you are protected.  Age Concern travel insurance is for those who intend to have fun no matter what their age.

No one should have the right to decline you travel insurance coverage simply because you are getting older.  There is no law that says once you reach 60 or 65 you are resigned to stay at home and sit in your rocking chair so that you won’t hurt yourself!  Quite the contrary; after you have worked hard and raised your family, you should look forward to living life to the fullest, doing all of those things you have long dreamed of doing.  Age Concern travel insurance agrees, and makes it easy for you to get the exact coverage for your needs.

Never assume that your medical coverage will cover you when you travel abroad should you have an accident and be hospitalized.  Most insurance companies will not cover you once you leave the United States, and should something happen you could be financially devastated.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those like you, who plan to travel to foreign countries and experience other cultures.  However, know how much coverage you want and need; you want to be protected should your luggage get lost or stolen, or your trip cancelled at the last minute.

While it isn’t likely that you will have a mis-hap while you’re traveling, you never know.  This is why you want to make certain that you are protected should you fall while skiing, or even become involved in a car accident.  With Age Concern travel insurance, you can choose the coverage you want so that should you need medical attention or be placed in the hospital, costs are covered and you won’t be expected to come up with payment on the spot.

Many people today have pre-existing medical conditions; even those in their forties have medical problems.  If you are taking medication for heart problems or any other condition, many travel insurance companies will not offer you coverage to travel abroad.  Do not let this stop you from living your life; Age Concern travel insurance is coverage you can count on, pre-existing conditions or not.  All you need to do is fill out a form regarding your medical conditions, what types of activities you plan to engage in while on your trip, and a few other details – then you’re ready to go and experience the world!

If you plan to travel frequently throughout the year, you may want to consider an annual policy that covers all your travels for that time period.  However, you may be better off to purchase on a per-trip basis if you believe you will only make one trip abroad.  With Age Concern travel insurance, not only are your activities and travels covered, peace of mind comes with the package – and it’s a nice feeling knowing that you have no worries other than what fun or exciting adventure you want to take on next.

Mark South
Age Concern Travel Insurance

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