Why Age Concern Travel Insurance When You’re Over 50 and Intend to Travel Abroad?

There are a lot of concerns when you intend to travel to a foreign country and you’re over a certain age.  In fact, many travel insurance companies simply won’t cover you, because of the risk involved.  Age Concern travel mountaininsurance is designed especially for those over 50 who look forward to traveling to exotic destinations around the world, regardless of pre-existing health conditions.  Perhaps you’re an active senior who loves sports such as water or snow skiing, even mountain climbing.  Unfortunately, many companies penalize you by not offering coverage because these activities are considered “risky.”  With Age Concern travel insurance, you can do what you want to do, when you want to do it – without the worry of what would happen if you were to have an accident or require medical treatment.

Never make assumptions when you intend to travel abroad; this is where many older travelers get into financial trouble.  For instance, you may assume that your Medicare or Medicaid will cover any medical costs while you are in Europe, should you require medical care.  They will not.  If you have any type of insurance that you believe will cover your travels, be sure to read the fine print and ask your agent questions, because you don’t want to take any chances – and the fact is, most traditional coverage will not protect you while you are in a foreign country.  This is precisely why Age Concern travel insurance was created, so that people who are retired or reaching their golden years can experience life anywhere in the world with peace of mind.

Here are a few benefits of Age Concern travel insurance you will enjoy:

crushed wheelchair

Special medical equipment.  If you require a wheelchair, oxygen, a walker or other medical equipment, what would happen if it was to get lost, stolen or damaged while you are on holiday in another country?  Age Concern travel insurance has you covered should anything happen.

Deposits and cancellation charges.  When you have booked a trip, you never know when something will come up and you have to cancel at the last minute.  Will you be responsible for deposits made on hotels and  car rentals, and have to pay cancellation charges?  Not if you choose the right insurance.

Medical treatment and/or hospitalization.  In most foreign countries, if you do not have insurance coverage you will be required to pay a substantial amount of money out of pocket to receive treatment.  In fact, older people could actually find they are financially devastated if they become ill or are involved in a serious accident and do not have the proper insurance.  Age Concern travel insurance takes all of the worry away, so you can rest easy knowing that should you require emergency medical treatment there will be no hassles – and you won’t end up owing tens of thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.

Choose your own coverage.  You may only intend to travel abroad one time in the coming year, or you may be considering several trips to locations you’ve never seen before.  With Age Concern travel insurance, you can purchase coverage either on an annual or per-trip basis, which means you save money.

Getting coverage is fairly easy, but be sure you are honest and straightforward when filling out the required documents to obtain coverage.  You don’t want to leave something out (such as a pre-existing medical condition), then have problems while you’re away on your trip and find that the costs are not covered because you failed to include it when applying for coverage.

seniorsbeachwithshipWhether you’re 55, 65 or 80, you can enjoy the world in a way that you could not during your younger years because of work, raising children and other obligations.  Now that you’re free to go anywhere in the world your travels take you, enjoy life on your terms and never worry about what would happen if you were to need medical treatment or have to cancel your trip at the last minute.  Age Concern travel insurance has you covered!




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