Age Concern Travel Insurance – For Senior Travelers, Traditional Travel Insurance Just Won’t Cut It

So you’re a senior traveler who’s looking forward to traveling to far away cities in foreign countries, yet your travel insurance company won’t provide coverage.  What to do?  Consider Age Concern travel insurance, which is designed specifically for those of a certain age who have a difficult time getting coverage from other companies due to age and/or pre-existing medical conditions.

SeniorSkiIt’s an unfortunate truth that those around ages 55, 60 and older are penalized in life, often prevented from doing those things they are most passionate about because of their age.  One of those passions is traveling; when you have worked all of your life so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement, it’s hard to accept that you cannot travel abroad because of your age, medical issues, or the fact that you plan to participate in activities that may be deemed risky by your insurance company.  Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible to travel the world and experience all of those locations you’ve dreamed of for decades, even if you plan to snow ski, kayak or participate in other activities that other companies may think too risky.

How much will Age Concern travel insurance cost?  While it is a bit more expensive than traditional travel insurance, the cost is worth it considering you can personalize the coverage to your unique needs.  How much you pay will depend on a number of factors, including pre-existing medical conditions, the risk level of activities, etc.  In addition, you can purchase coverage on a per-trip or annual basis, depending on whether you plan to travel out of the country multiple times in a single year, or only a time or two.

Travelers should never assume that should they have an accident and need medical care, their regular medical insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare will pay foremergency it – this is not the case.  This is another reason it is important that you check in to what Age Concern travel insurance has to offer, as you can choose accident coverage so that if you are involved in an accident that results in injuries, the costs will be covered.  This may include emergency care, medical equipment and other costs.

Circumstances often change when you’re planning an extended trip or holiday; what would happen if you had to cancel at the last minute?  Would you be responsible for hotel accommodations, airfare, car rental and other non-refundable expenses?  With Age Concern travel insurance, even those expenses can be covered.  This offers peace of mind, knowing that should an emergency situation come up just days before your trip, you will not be stuck with these expenses.

active seniorsTo ensure that you are approved for coverage, always be honest when providing information to the insurance company, such as age, health conditions, etc.  Review the coverage options available to you carefully, so that you can choose only the coverage you need and not pay for coverage you do not need.  Now, you can travel anywhere around the globe that you like, without worrying that you will be denied coverage.  Age Concern travel insurance makes living your dreams of traveling to the most romantic, adventurous or exotic locations in the world possible.  Your golden years are a time when you should thoroughly experience life, without the restraints of children, financial worries or having to work a 9 to 5 job every day.  Live it up – you deserve it.

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