Age Concern Travel Insurance, the Worry-Free Way to Travel for Those Over 65

When you’re over 65 and want to travel abroad, it can be a worrisome process; getting the right insurance coverage isn’t easy due to your age, and any health issues you may have.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed to help make traveling more enjoyable and less stressful whether you are 65, 70, or even older.  Now that you have the time and financial resources to see the world, why should you be penalized?  You really shouldn’t, although many travel insurance providers do make it difficult if not impossible for those of a certain age to travel to foreign destinations with peace of mind.

walking the beach Age Concern travel insurance was designed specifically for those who are older, so that you can enjoy traveling overseas any time you like knowing you are protected should you become ill or suffer injuries in an accident.  Without the proper coverage, any circumstances that require medical attention or hospitalization could literally wipe you out financially.  No one ever expects bad things to happen when they are traveling to those foreign lands they have dreamed of exploring all of their lives, but sometimes the unexpected happens – and you want to be prepared.

Most traditional insurance companies will not provide coverage for those who are older because they feel it is too much of a risk.  Older individuals are more prone to falls, waterskiingwhich could lead to broken bones or fractures.  If you’re highly active for your age and intend to participate in activities that may be considered “risky” such as snow or water skiing, canoeing, or other activities, Age Concern travel insurance will provide the coverage you need, unlike other companies.  You can live it up and never give a thought to what would happen if you were to injure yourself, because you have the coverage you need.

Of course, protection in case of an accident or injuries isn’t the only thing you need when you’re planning to travel abroad.  Sometimes things come up in life and you have to cancel your plans at the last minute.  Age Concern travel insurance will cover your costs should you have to put off your plans but have already made reservations with hotels, or for car rental.  And what would happen should you go on your trip and arrive at your destination to find that you luggage didn’t make it?  You can choose coverage for that as well, so that any valuables you packed away in your luggage are covered if your luggage becomes stolen or misplaced.

snow skiingThat’s the really nice thing about Age Concern travel insurance – you can pick and choose the exact coverage you need!  Additionally, you can choose to buy insurance on an annual or per-trip basis, depending on how frequently you intend to travel overseas.  If you do plan to travel two or three times in a single year, purchasing annual coverage will likely be the most cost-effective, saving you money over buying coverage on a per-trip basis.  Always be sure to provide all of the information including any pre-existing health conditions, so that you are ensured coverage should anything related to your health cause you to need medical attention while you are away.

Don’t let traditional insurance companies decide whether or not you can travel abroad!  This is a wonderful time in your life, a time when you should be able to do anything you want to do, regardless of your age.  With Age Concern travel insurance, your destination is in your own hands – and you can enjoy going anywhere in the world without worry that you’re putting your financial future at risk

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