Age Concern Travel Insurance – Because No Matter Your Age, You Deserve to Travel the World!

Unfortunately, as we get older it seems that we’re often penalized due to health issues, or simply because we’re “getting on up there” in years. This pertains to travel as well, particularly when you desire to travel abroad. With Age Concern travel insurance, you can travel to foreign countries any time you like, and explore parts of the world you never had an opportunity to explore when you were younger.

Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those 50, 60, and older who still feel young at heart and enjoy seeing new things and enjoying life. Sure, the older we get the more prone we are to become injured if we participate in some “risky” activities, such as water skiing, canoeing, snorkeling, or mountain climbing. That doesn’t mean that as we grow older we should stop doing all of the things in life that give us enjoyment! With Age Concern travel insurance, you can travel to the farthest corners of the world and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re covered should anything unexpected happen, such as an accident or illness.

If you’re planning to travel abroad, there are some things you should be aware of. For instance, Medicare or Medicaid will not pay for your expenses outside of the country, so should you require hospitalization or be injured in an accident while in another country, it could ruin you financially. Most travel insurance providers will not provide coverage for those of a certain age, particularly those with pre-existing medical conditions. If they do provide coverage, it is likely to cost you a small fortune. With Age Concern travel insurance, you choose the coverage that is best for you – and pre-existing conditions will not prevent you from getting coverage, because that is what this insurance is designed for.

Additionally, you can choose whether you want to buy annual coverage, or purchase the insurance on a per-trip basis. If you plan to travel several times over a one-year time period, you will save money by purchasing an annual policy; otherwise, if you’re only going out of the country one time, a per-trip basis will work best for you.

When purchasing Age Concern travel insurance, be sure to read all of the information thoroughly so that you can choose the coverage that’s best for your needs; also, be completely forthcoming about any health issues or medical conditions you do have, so that should you require treatment while you are traveling, those costs will be covered. It may cost a bit more if you do have pre-existing conditions, however to travel abroad without coverage could be financially devastating should anything happen.

Age Concern travel insurance will also cover costs such as hotel, car rental and airfare should you have to cancel your trip at the last minute. Should your luggage become stolen or misplaced, this can be covered as well should you choose to do so when purchasing the insurance.

Are you still young at heart, full of energy and vitality, ready to explore exciting, exotic destinations you’ve only dreamed of all of your life? Don’t let traditional travel insurance companies discourage you or prevent you from seeing the sights and kicking up your heels. With Age Concern travel insurance, you can do anything your heart desires – without being turned down for coverage, or penalized because of your age.

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