Age Concern Travel Insurance, What it Is and Who Needs It

 Travelers of a certain age often have a difficult time securing coverage when they desire to travel abroad.  This is where Age Concern travel insurance comes in.  Designed for individuals who are 50, 60, 70 and even older, this insurance offers protection should you become ill, be involved in an accident or have to cancel your trip at the last minute. 

passportUnfortunately, older people who have the financial resources and time to travel to foreign lands are usually the ones who are punished.  Age Concern travel insurance understands this, and has designed plans specifically for those who are older and who often have health concerns such as pre-existing conditions.  Today, many individuals who some would consider “elderly” or those who are near or at retirement age love to stay active.  This is one more reason that traditional insurance companies often refuse to offer coverage on travel overseas; they feel that those of a certain age are too much of a risk.

Age Concern travel insurance is ideal for those who want to enjoy a trip abroad just every now and then, or for those who intend to travel several times each year, seeing the sights and scenes they’ve only dreamed of.  alpsBecause you can purchase coverage on an annual or per-trip basis, the coverage is perfect for your particular needs.  You simply choose the coverage you want, whether it includes protection should your luggage be lost or stolen, or protection in case of an emergency that requires you to cancel your travels at the last moment.

Perhaps you would love to travel to the Swiss Alps for a few days of snow skiing, or sailing is a dream you’ve had since you were a child.  Regardless of what you intend to do or how active you plan to get while you’re on holiday, Age Concern travel insurance has you covered.  Always be certain to include any medical or pre-existing conditions, so that should you need medical treatment while you are away it will be covered.  One of the worst possible things that could happen would be to fall ill or become injured in an accident while abroad, as most hospitals will require full payment upfront – which could end in financial disaster.

franceIt’s truly a shame that most traditional travel insurance companies penalize individuals who are older, and whose dreams include traveling to exciting, exotic and beautiful locales they have never seen before, but that is just the way it is.  However, you don’t have to let this put a stop to your plans!  Your children are grown, you are financially comfortable, and have the money to go anywhere in the world you want to go.  Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible to travel to China, Europe, or anywhere else your heart desires without worry of what will happen if something unexpected was to occur.

With Age Concern travel insurance, agents work to meet the needs of those who are approaching retirement or elderly, helping make travel an enjoyable pleasure rather than a hassle or complete refusal from the traditional insurance company.  You don’t have to limit what you can do with your life!  Live it up, travel to any location you desire any time you like, and enjoy your golden years like you’ve never enjoyed any other time in your life.

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