Age Concern Travel Insurance

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Age Concern Travel Insurance

Age Concerned Seniors while on holiday

Age Concerned Seniors

Choosing the right travel insurance can be a difficult task for any social group, however it is often the most difficult for older customers for whom it is difficult to find sufficient insurance through reputable companies due to their age, or exclusion due to prior medical conditions. If you are over 65, are seeking travel insurance for a holiday or tour, and find yourself in this position then Age concern travel insurance may be able to cater for your needs.

Age Concern Travel Insurance is the travel insurance package offered by the UK based charity Age Concern in conjunction with Fortis Insurance limited. It offers specialised insurance for over 65s, through a variety of packages. You can choose from single trip policies to annual multi trip policies, covering you in the UK, EU or worldwide.

Age concern believe that age is not a reason to restrict or refuse insurance coverage and that travel insurance is not a luxury but is an essential part of any holiday for people of all ages. Their packages provide cover for everything you would expect in a standard travel insurance policy. Cancellation or departure are covered, as well as delay to your flights (from outside the UK). Compensation of up to five thousand pounds is provided if your trip is cut short. One thousand pounds are available if your flight is missed to pay for extra travelling costs or accommodation.

Unfortunate incidents such as muggings and theft are also covered. Five hundred pounds are available to cover muggings. Damage or theft of your personal items is also covered up to two thousand five hundred pound, unless you choose to remove this option when buying your insurance through them.

Cover for unlikely but costly events such as natural disasters and kidnapping is provided too, as well as twenty five thousand pound to cover any necessary legal representation that may arise from your trip.

However, the medical cover provided by the age concern travel insurance package may be the reason why this package is right for you. As previously stated, Age Concern’s package caters for over 65 year olds, but more importantly there is no upper age limit. Whether you are 69 or 109, you will be eligible to take out Age Concern’s insurance. They will also cover you despite existing medical conditions, subject to a prior medical screening.

The medical cover offers financial protection of up to ten million pounds in medical costs, including personal accidents.  This however is not to be confused with private medical insurance; the travel insurance will cover you in emergencies if you are taken ill or injured while abroad, and will not cover you for the wide range of treatments associated with private medical insurance.

As well as having no upper age limit on their insurance, the Age Concern Travel Insurance package also offers additional incentives: the package includes 24 hour emergency medical assistance, children under the age of 18 are covered free of charge, and the package also covers against the financial failure of tour operators.