Age Concern Travel Insurance – There When You Need It

Senior couple on cycle rideAge Concern travel insurance is affordable, which is one reason that people of a certain age who enjoy traveling should definitely consider it – but that isn’t the only benefit you will enjoy!  Now that you’re in the prime of your life when you want to travel the world and experience new things, it may seem that most travel insurance companies give you a hard time.  Age Concern travel insurance understands that just because you reach a certain age, it doesn’t mean you should stop living.  Now, you can travel abroad with total peace of mind, and enjoy yourself more than ever knowing that should anything unexpected happen, you’re covered.

Let’s be honest; most people have some type of medical condition when they get older, whether it’s high blood pressure or arthritis.  Many insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions, so if you need medical treatment or attention while you are in a foreign country, what will happen?  This is a major concern for many people, but you don’t have to worry about pre-existing conditions with Age Concern travel insurance.  As long as you fill out the required documentation concerning your condition, you will be covered should anything related to your medical condition occur while you are traveling.

Many insurance companies discriminate against those who are older by imposing age limits; this is totally unfair to those who love traveling!  For many people, this is the first time in their lives they have had the lcouple fishinguxury of doing what they really want to do – sailing, skiing, fishing and just traveling the world.  Why should you be punished, simply because you aren’t 30 years old anymore?  Age Concern travel insurance is designed especially for those like you – people who enjoy living life and don’t intend on slowing down anytime soon.  The old saying “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better” holds true so often today; you aren’t going to let your age define who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Age Concern travel insurance also offers protection in case of trip cancellations and accidents.  What if you were involved in an auto accident while abroad, or decide at the last minute to cancel your trip?  Or, what may happen if the airline where you booked your flight suddenly folds, or the hotel you reserved has a catastrophe occur?  None of these issues need concern you when you purchase Age Concern travel insurance, because you choose the coverage that’s right for you.

Another benefit of this amazing insurance is that you can purchase an annual policy if you travel frequently, or you can purchase coverage on a per-trip basis.  The flexibility is what many people enjoy, and it’s nice knowing there is a company that understands that growing older doesn’t mean you need to stay put in your rocking chair – you want to live it up, and now you can without worrying!  Age Concern travel insurance even covers your medical equipment if you need it.  Oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walkers and other common equipment that may become damaged, lost or stolen while you are abroad are covered, so if anything does happen, you will be paid for the value.

happy coupleIsn’t it wonderful knowing that you can travel without worrying about whether or not your insurance company will cover you should anything unforeseen happen?  Now you can travel the world, participate in all of those activities you enjoy, and concentrate on just having a good time.  Age Concern travel insurance is a great comfort for anyone who travels frequently; with the great coverage offered and affordable rates, why would you choose any other company?

Mark South
Age Concern Travel Insurance

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