Age Concern Travel Insurance – Because Life Begins Well Past 40!

It’s a fact that many insurance companies will not insure individuals who are over 65, which means that many people are not able to fully enjoy life after retirement age.  Age Concern travel insurance understands that life does not begin seniors at beachat 40; after all, it’s the time after you retire that you have the luxury of taking leisurely trips and truly enjoying yourself!  Most people who are younger than 60 have jobs, children and other obligations that prevent them from traveling frequently.

After 65, you have all of the time in the world to experience all of those things you have looked forward to in life – and one of them is often traveling abroad.  Age Concern travel insurance lets you pick and choose the coverage you want, so that you can relax and truly enjoy your retirement years.  Just because someone grows older and is not in their “prime of life” any longer does not mean that they should be treated with injustice.

Many older people realize that staying active means staying healthy; tractive adults on holidayaveling and other activities help keep the physical body and the mind sharp.  Age Concern travel insurance understands this, and works to make all of those life-long dreams possible for anyone no matter what their age or existing health conditions.

It is a well-known fact that many travel insurance providers are biased, and will not offer coverage on those of a certain age with high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and other conditions that require medication or that may put them at risk.  If they do offer coverage, the premiums may be such that you cannot afford it; Age Concern travel insurance is affordable for older people, and allows you the opportunity to choose the coverage you need according to what you plan to do while you travel.

What does Age Concern travel insurance cover?  Depending on your individual needs, you may want coverage for emergency medical expenses that may relate to pre-existing conditions, any medical equipment you require, accident senior citizens skiingcoverage or protection in the event that you must cancel your trip.  Many people who are 65 and older participate in activities that most insurance companies would consider “risky,” such as skiing or sailing.  You know your own needs better than anyone; with Age Concern travel insurance, you make the decision about the coverage you want, so that you will enjoy peace of mind as you travel abroad.

Do you travel 3 or 4 times each year, or do you usually just enjoy an annual vacation?  This is another great aspect of Age Concern travel insurance – you can choose to take out an annual plan, or get coverage for a single trip.  If you sometimes feel that you are discriminated against because of your age when it comes to traveling abroad, it isn’t your imagination.  Now you can travel anywhere you like and feel comfortable knowing that you are covered should anything unexpected happen – Age Concern travel insurance is a life-saver for those who know that life REALLY begins at 65!

Mark South
Age Concern Travel Insurance

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