Ski Travel Insurance Protects You When Participating in a Fun But Risky Sport

Ski travel insurance is one of those necessary evils if you plan on participating in this exciting but risky sport.  Skiing, for most people, offers an adrenalin rush and new territory to explore, whether on ski’s or a snowboard.  To be honest, most people wouldn’t enjoy skiing near so much if there weren’t an element of danger involved!  For those who enjoy ski vacations frequently, ski travel insurance is one thing you do not leave home without.  If you haven’t been injured yourself, most likely you have seen an accident at one time or another on the slopes.

Whether you are a college student or over 65, ski travel insurance provides coverage for you in several different ways.  While you never expect an accident to occur while your gliding down the slopes having a great time, it can easily happen.  In the event you are injured and need medical attention, the insurance will cover any medical care that you receive while you are on the slopes.  Ski travel insurance should also provide coverage for expenses you incur at a nearby clinic or location you choose to seek further treatment.

Advanced or very experienced skiers often feel that nothing will happen to them, but it’s often the ones that are so self-assured that end up in an accident.  When you have no worries about crashing and burning, it’s easy to not pay close attention to what you are doing.  Ski travel insurance is a necessity for those who are just trying their first slope out, and the advanced skier who is not afraid to try the most challenging slopes.

When you are preparing for a trip to the mountains for a relaxing weekend or full vacation, make sure you know exactly what your ski travel insurance covers.  Most offer emergency medical evacuation coverage which is meant to cover any form of medical transportation that is required to get you off of the slope.  For example, a new skier may be involved in a crash and unable to get back to safety, which would call for medical transportation assistance.

Going on a fun weekend getaway or week long vacation should be a fun experience, and thinking about those “what-if’s” is something many people would rather not do.  What happens if you are severely injured, or even killed while navigating a treacherous slope?  Ski travel insurance often offers accidental death coverage in case the worst happens, but be sure to ask about this when you buy coverage.  You want to make sure that there is enough coverage in case the unthinkable should happen.

It’s always good to know that in case you have to cancel your trip, you can be refunded for reservations you have made such as hotels, rental cars, plane tickets, etc.  Your ski travel insurance may offer trip cancellation benefits, but again this is an area that you need to discuss with the agent. What you want to do is ask any questions you may have about any area of coverage, so that you know exactly where you stand in case of injuries, cancellations, etc.

The next time you go on an exciting adventure to the slopes, make sure that you are prepared for anything, although most likely your trip will go as smoothly as silk.  Consider ski travel insurance your safety net, designed to catch you when you participate in risky (but wildly fun) activities such as skiing.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and you will enjoy yourself immensely knowing that in the off chance anything does happen, you’re covered.

Mark South
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