Love to Ski, Fish or Scuba Dive Even at 65? Age Concern Travel Insurance Protects You While You Have a Blast

Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those just like you; people of a certain age who are not going to give up doing the things they love just because they are approaching their golden years!  If you enjoy traveling abroad and participating in activities such as skiing, scuba diving or even sailing, Age Concern travel insurance has you covered.  While other insurance companies hesitate to offer coverage when you reach a certain age due to an increased risk of injuries, you know the truth – you’re not getting older, you’re getting better.

Today, many travel insurance companies won’t cover those with pre-existing conditions, and this is especially true when you reach age 50, 60 and older.  Before you travel abroad, make sure that you are protected on all fronts, whether you have a medical condition that may require treatment or you plan to ski to your heart’s desire.  This is where Age Concern travel insurance comes in; you have the options of choosing the coverage that is right for you needs and activities.

Never make the assumption that your insurance provider will cover you if something should happen in your travels abroad.  In fact, Medicare and a great number of private health insurance providers do not provide coverage, which is why you should make an effort to learn more about Age Concern travel insurance.  People often make the mistake of assuming, then when something happens and they are not covered it can result in financial disaster.

Other areas you need to consider before you take off on that much-anticipated holiday are airfare, hotel accommodations and your belongings. Will you be covered if you cancel your trip abroad just a few days prior to your trip?  If you aren’t, you could potentially lose thousands of dollars between airfare and living accommodations.  What if you do go on your trip, but your luggage gets lost or is stolen?  These days, it’s very common for luggage to end up in another part of the country, and you may have valuables inside that are worth a great deal of money.  When you choose Age Concern travel insurance, you can choose the type and amount of coverage you  need to protect you against whatever may come your way!

Don’t feel that because you have reached a certain age you are destined to sit in a rocking chair watching the birds through the window all day!  You have worked hard all of your life to reach a point where you can follow your dreams, and nothing should slow you down.  At this point in your life, your children are grown, you no longer have to go to work every day, and you have plenty of leisure time to enjoy life and do all of the things you have wanted to do for years.  Age Concern travel insurance protects you from every angle, so that you can travel and enjoy yourself immensely, without worrying about the unexpected.  So go ahead and ski, sail, bungee jump or whatever else gets your adrenaline going – you deserve to have a little excitement in your life.

Mark South
Age Concern Travel Insurance

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