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Age Concern Travel Insurance

Age Concern is the leading charity in the UK concerned with aging and more experienced people‚ and works to improve the quality of life for all older people. Nationally‚ it is involved in campaigning‚ policy guidance‚ research and information‚ and through its trading arm‚ Age Concern Enterprises (ACEnt)‚ offers a range of products and services specifically designed for older people.

Age concern travel insurance was created in 1983 to offer better value insurance for more experienced people, an area in which over-50s had been ill served for a long time.

Starting as a local service‚ it has grown to be one of the UK’s leading brands regarding general insurance for older people. Age Concern’s product range has developed through demand to include home‚ contents‚ travel‚ motor‚ and motor breakdown insurance.

Travel Insurance Tips

Travel insurance is one of those things that most of us reluctantly buy, hoping we will never actually need. It’s an annoying but often necessary expense if you are planning a business trip or holiday abroad. Others worry about falling ill and incurring medical expenses in a strange place. For many Age Concern travel insurance is the answer, though there are many things to take into consideration before making a purchase.

Tips to purchasing Travel Insurance:

  • Determine how much coverage you really need and don’t be persuaded into taking out more coverage than is necessary.
  • Don’t assume the insurance offered by your travel agency is always the best value.
  • Make sure you have adequate medical insurance – the most important part of any travel insurance policy, and the reason most of us get travel insurance.
  • Adventure trips and holidays featuring extreme sports are more popular than ever these days. Does your travel insurance cover you against such activities as bungee jumping, sky diving and mountaineering?
  • Consider trip cancellation insurance. As the name suggests, this insurance covers you in the event of delays or cancellations.

What does Trip Insurance typically cover?

Let’s say that your flight has been canceled, what does travel insurance usually cover?

*Termination of employment
*Weather conditions
*Terrorist acts
*Injury, sickness, or death
*Travel delay
*Trip cancellation
*Medical protection
*Baggage protection

There is a wide range of travel insurance on the market‚ but prices and quality of cover vary immensely.

So you will also want to make sure your Age Concern Travel Insurance is in tip top shape as well. A not so well know fact is insurance offer by Age Concern, can be purchase from other insurance carriers as well and is not a better deal just because it is being purchased from Age Concern. Like with any other product or service it is best to shop around.

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