Age Concern Travel Insurance – Protection For Travelers in The Golden Years

Let’s face it; all of our lives we work hard, raise a family and have very little time to just enjoy life.  When we reach retirement age, many look forward to traveling abroad and experiencing things they have dreamed of all their lives.  Age Concern travel insurance is something you definitely want to research, as it could save financial disaster and heartache down the road.

Today, most insurance companies are not willing to insure those who are aging when they decide to travel to foreign countries.  They believe that because you are older, you are a high risk for falls, injuries etc. which is partly true, but you shouldn’t be penalized or made to stay at home!  Our golden years are the most precious; we want to do all of those things we have long dreamed of and traveling in order to see the world is one of them.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those who are 50, 65 and older, so that you can travel with peace of mind and do all those things you have been planning for all of your life.

Pre-existing conditions are a huge concern for many travel and health insurance companies; the problem here is that most older individuals have some type of pre-existing condition, whether it is high blood pressure or diabetes.  While you may consider taking the risk and traveling without coverage, this isn’t a good idea.  In fact, it could lead to financial ruin as many foreign hospitals demand upfront fees on a daily basis.  Age Concern travel insurance offers coverage that is customized to your needs, so that you don’t have to worry about losing your home should a devastating situation occur while you are in a foreign country.

Be aware that the premium is usually higher if you do suffer from a pre-existing condition, but you must inform the travel insurance provider.  In not doing so, your claim will be denied should you be hospitalized or need care related to your condition.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those of a certain age who find it difficult to obtain coverage, but you must inform them of all of your medical conditions so that you can rest assured you are covered no matter what may happen.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Medicaid or Medicare will cover you should something happen while you are in a foreign country, because they will not.  When you plan to travel outside of the United States, Age Concern travel insurance offers many options from which you can choose, so that you can customize your coverage to your needs.  You can research online and learn more about the options available to you so that you can be prepared when it’s time to head out on a travel adventure.

Also be aware that you have options regarding how often you travel; for example, if you plan to go abroad many times throughout the year, you can purchase an annual policy one time that will cover all of your travels throughout the year.  If you only plan to take one trip where you will travel outside of the United States, you can purchase coverage for that trip only.  The great thing about Age Concern travel insurance is that it is flexible, allowing you to choose a customized package that suits your individual needs.

Mark South
Age Concern Travel Insurance

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