Age Concern Travel Insurance – Now, Age is No Issue When it Comes to Traveling Abroad

Unfortunately, when you’re retired and ready to travel the world, something you’ve worked hard for all of your life, many insurance companies choose to punish you by denying coverage for your travels.  If this has happened to you, Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible for you to live your dreams and travel abroad, without the worry of what would happen to you financially if you were to become ill or be involved in an accident.

More than ever before, those age 55, 65 and even older are choosing to live an active lifestyle.  Scuba diving, skiing, dancing, even bungee jumping or skydiving are a few of the activities that older people choose to engage in, not only because physical activity enhances health, but these activities are fun.  However, most insurance companies steer clear of covering those of a certain age when they travel, particularly those who want to participate in sports or activities that might be considered “riskier” than others.  Fortunately, Age Concern travel insurance does not penalize you, and in fact is designed for those who want to live life to the fullest.

Pre-existing health conditions are another reason that many travel insurance companies deny coverage for older individuals who want to travel to foreign countries.  Considering that the majority of the population age 65 and older have some condition, whether it’s diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis or other common conditions, Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible for most people to travel and have the time of their lives, even if there is a pre-existing health condition.

One aspect of Age Concern health insurance that most people enjoy is that you can choose the type and amount of coverage you need.  Additionally, you can take out coverage each time you travel on a per-trip basis if you only intend to travel once every 2 or 3 years, or you can take out an annual policy if you plan to travel several times in a single year.  Generally speaking, buying an annual policy saves those who travel frequently a substantial amount of money over buying on a per-trip basis if you travel 2 or 3 times within a one-year time period.

What happens if your trip gets cancelled at the last minute, or your luggage is lost by the airline?  If you should get involved in a car accident, slip and fall while skiing the slopes or suffer injuries in any other type of accident, will your regular medical or travel insurance carrier cover you?  Not normally – which is why it is essential that you know what your current policy covers and does not cover.  By being prepared well in advance and researching the options with Age Concern travel insurance, you can enjoy your travels with peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen, you are covered – and won’t go broke trying to pay medical bills or other related expenses.

When you reach age 65, your life should be anything you want it to be; after all, you’ve worked, raised your family, saved money – and you’ve certainly earned time to yourself, so that you and your spouse can travel to Europe, ski the slopes in Switzerland or just enjoy lounging on the beach in a far-away place, reading a good book or taking in the scenery.  Age Concern travel insurance helps you experience those life-long dreams with peace of mind.

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