Age Concern Travel Insurance, the Worry-Free Way to Travel for Those Over 65

When you’re over 65 and want to travel abroad, it can be a worrisome process; getting the right insurance coverage isn’t easy due to your age, and any health issues you may have.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed to help make traveling more enjoyable and less stressful whether you are 65, 70, or even older.  Now that you have the time and financial resources to see the world, why should you be penalized?  You really shouldn’t, although many travel insurance providers do make it difficult if not impossible for those of a certain age to travel to foreign destinations with peace of mind.

walking the beach Age Concern travel insurance was designed specifically for those who are older, so that you can enjoy traveling overseas any time you like knowing you are protected should you become ill or suffer injuries in an accident.  Without the proper coverage, any circumstances that require medical attention or hospitalization could literally wipe you out financially.  No one ever expects bad things to happen when they are traveling to those foreign lands they have dreamed of exploring all of their lives, but sometimes the unexpected happens – and you want to be prepared.

Most traditional insurance companies will not provide coverage for those who are older because they feel it is too much of a risk.  Older individuals are more prone to falls, waterskiingwhich could lead to broken bones or fractures.  If you’re highly active for your age and intend to participate in activities that may be considered “risky” such as snow or water skiing, canoeing, or other activities, Age Concern travel insurance will provide the coverage you need, unlike other companies.  You can live it up and never give a thought to what would happen if you were to injure yourself, because you have the coverage you need.

Of course, protection in case of an accident or injuries isn’t the only thing you need when you’re planning to travel abroad.  Sometimes things come up in life and you have to cancel your plans at the last minute.  Age Concern travel insurance will cover your costs should you have to put off your plans but have already made reservations with hotels, or for car rental.  And what would happen should you go on your trip and arrive at your destination to find that you luggage didn’t make it?  You can choose coverage for that as well, so that any valuables you packed away in your luggage are covered if your luggage becomes stolen or misplaced.

snow skiingThat’s the really nice thing about Age Concern travel insurance – you can pick and choose the exact coverage you need!  Additionally, you can choose to buy insurance on an annual or per-trip basis, depending on how frequently you intend to travel overseas.  If you do plan to travel two or three times in a single year, purchasing annual coverage will likely be the most cost-effective, saving you money over buying coverage on a per-trip basis.  Always be sure to provide all of the information including any pre-existing health conditions, so that you are ensured coverage should anything related to your health cause you to need medical attention while you are away.

Don’t let traditional insurance companies decide whether or not you can travel abroad!  This is a wonderful time in your life, a time when you should be able to do anything you want to do, regardless of your age.  With Age Concern travel insurance, your destination is in your own hands – and you can enjoy going anywhere in the world without worry that you’re putting your financial future at risk

Age Concern Travel Insurance – Why You Need it If You’re Over 50

Age Concern travel insurance is one of those “necessities” of life if you’re over the age of 50 and plan on seeing the world.  Traveling to another country is exciting, fun and even a bit romantic; however, if you’re over a certain kayaking2age, most travel insurance companies want to penalize you for things such as health conditions, and feel you may be a risk – so they won’t cover you.  In order to enjoy peace of mind no matter where in the world your travels may take you, it is essential you consider Age Concern travel insurance.

Most people have certain health issues by the time they reach their 50s, 60s and beyond, whether it’s hypertension, diabetes, arthritis or some other condition.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies simply will not cover those with pre-existing conditions, particularly if you intend to enjoy activities the company feels may put you at a greater risk of medical problems or an accidents, such as kayaking or mountain climbing.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed with you in mind, and protects those who want to live life to the fullest and even “take risks” on occasion.

By the time you reach retirement and have raised your family, you deserve to do all of those things you have dreamed of through the years, including traveling to foreign friendscountries.  Traveling is one of the  most popular pastimes or hobbies for those of a certain age, however many insurance companies simply make it impossible unless you want to take the risk of the unexpected happening while you are away, and the enormous costs that may be associated.  Age Concern travel insurance will take care of you should you be involved in an accident or need medical attention for an existing health condition while you are away from home.

Additionally, you need to consider those unpleasant little surprises that arise all too often when you are planning to travel.  What will happen if you suddenly have to cancel your trip?  Will you be responsible for airfare, hotel room or car rental costs, etc?  What if your luggage is lost or gets stolen, and you have personal items that are of substantial value inside?  When choosing the Age Concern travel insurance that’s right for you, it’s possible to customize coverage to your precise needs so that you pay for only the coverage you need, and not the aspects you don’t need.

Life doesn’t stop when you reach a certain age; whether you love to ski, sail, go dancing or simply enjoy the scenery while you travel, you can enjoy knowing that no matter what may happen (even though you hope nothing Seniors travelingdoes), you’re protected and won’t face financial devastation should the unexpected occur.  This is a feeling you can enjoy through the advantages of Age Concern travel insurance.

It is truly a shame that those who are considered “older” or “elderly” are so often penalized, particularly when it comes to traveling.  You have worked hard all of your life, saved for retirement, and when it comes that point in time that you actually have the money and leisurely time to chase after your dreams, the insurance company dashes your hopes of traveling abroad to far away and exotic locales.  Or, perhaps you always assumed that your medical/health insurance or Medicare would cover you no matter where in the world you may be, but this is not the case.  To ease your mind and enjoy the ability to travel to even the farthest corners of the world, rely on Age Concern travel insurance.

Age Concern Travel Insurance – Enjoy Traveling the World Regardless of Your Age

Unfortunately, those who have reached the age when traveling would be the most enjoyable and money isn’t an issue are often the ones who are penalized when it comes to obtaining travel insurance.  If you are looking forward to a much-anticipated trip abroad and are 55, 60, 65 or older, Age Concern travel insurance offers customized coverage so that you never have to pay for coverage you do not need.  Unlike other providers who won’t cover you because of a pre-existing condition, or simply because you intend to participate in activities that the providers deem “risky,” Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those who while older, want to enjoy life to the fullest.

ambulanceMany individuals assume that if they travel to a foreign country, their Medicaid or Medicare will cover them if they should require hospitalization due to illness or injury.  This is not the case, and should you require medical attention or be admitted to the hospital, you could potentially face financial disaster.  Most hospitals in other countries require payment on the spot when you are admitted, which could wipe you out financially.  Age Concern travel insurance eliminates this worry, so that you can enjoy peace of mind and put the worries away when you go on a holiday that should be relaxed and fun.

Today, more seniors than ever before are engaging in activities that would have been considered extremely dangerous and “crazy” for an individual of a certain age to engageskydiving in a decade ago.  You may have dreamed of mountain climbing, sky-diving or scuba diving, but now, it seems that the insurance company doesn’t want to provide coverage.  High blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and high cholesterol are common health ailments, but could prevent you from getting the coverage you need to travel to those exotic locales you’ve long dreamed of.  Not to worry, though; Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible for you to do those things that other insurance companies try to make impossible.

Other areas of concern when you travel are lost or stolen luggage, passports, personal belongings, motel, airfare, etc.  What would happen if you had to cancel your trip at the last minute, or if your luggage never made it to your destination?  Would you have to spend your own money to replace all of the belongings you had packed away in lost-passportyour suitcase, or pay for a hotel room you ended up not using?  With Age Concern travel insurance, even these concerns can be put aside.  When choosing your coverage, you can personalize it to your own needs, even choosing an annual policy if you intend to travel several times throughout the year to save money.  Only taking one trip out of the country?  Not a problem, because with Age Concern travel insurance you have the option of buying coverage on a per-trip basis.

These days, age is just a number, and not an indicator of how active or engaged you are in life.  This is a time when you actually have the time and the financial resources to kick your heels up and do all of those things you’ve thought about over the years – things you intended to do when you no longer had to work, and when your children were grown and on their own.  Don’t let your age put a damper on traveling to any destination in the world, and don’t let insurance companies who believe you’re too old or have too many health issues rule your traveling plans.  With Age Concern travel insurance, you are in control of where you want to go, and what you want to do when you get there.

Age Concern Travel Insurance Lets You Enjoy Traveling Abroad Without Worry

vacation While it is a shame, many people of a certain age are penalized when it comes to traveling abroad, simply because of their age and health concerns.  If you’re 50, 60 or older, you should be enjoying life to the fullest, traveling to all of those countries that up until now, you’ve only dreamed about.  Age Concern travel insurance allows you to travel the world, without worrying what might happen if you were to become ill and require medical care, or have an accident and be hospitalized.

Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions; in some cases, even if you are perfectly healthy but are on up there in years, they will not cover you.  This is particularly true if you plan to engage in what may be considered “risky” activities senior-woman-kayakwhile you are on holiday.  Age Concern travel insurance is designed for those who while in their golden years, still want to live life and have fun, even participating in activities like snow skiing, snorkeling, kayaking or mountain climbing.

What is the worse case scenario should you go on holiday or vacation without proper travel insurance coverage?  You are involved in an accident or have a health emergency and require hospitalization.  Most hospitals in foreign countries will require full payment upfront from those who are from another country, and medical costs are astronomical today.  Essentially, without Age Concern travel insurance you could end up financially bankrupt, or forced to sell your home or property just to pay the medical expenses.  By having the right coverage, you can avoid this scenario and fully enjoy your vacation without worry.

Another benefit to having Age Concern travel insurance is that you will have protection should your trip be cancelled unexpectedly a day or two prior to your departure date.  It can be extremely costly to be left with airfare, hotel, and rental car expenses that you never used.  In addition, should your luggage be lost or stolen, the value of the items will be covered.  This cancelledmay not seem that important, but it can be if you had costly items like jewelry, money or electronics inside.

With Age Concern travel insurance, you can tailor your coverage to your own individual needs.  This means you don’t have to pay for coverage you don’t want or need, only what you do need.  Another advantage with this type of insurance is that you can purchase coverage one time for the entire year if you plan to travel abroad several times during that year, or on a per-trip basis if you don’t plan to travel to another country more than once.  This makes it cost-effective, helping you save money no matter how often you plan to go abroad.

When selecting the right coverage for your needs, simply choose the policy that best suits your needs in regards to coverage, medical issues, how often you intend to travel, etc.  Always be forthcoming with any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, so that you aren’t denied coverage should you require medical treatment in another country.  Now, those of a certain age can travel around the world and never give a second thought to what would happen if an accident was to occur or medical treatment was required, as Age Concern travel insurance believes in taking care of those who travel – no matter what your age.  After all, age is just a number – not a parameter that should restrict your enjoyment of life.

Age Concern Travel Insurance – For Senior Travelers, Traditional Travel Insurance Just Won’t Cut It

So you’re a senior traveler who’s looking forward to traveling to far away cities in foreign countries, yet your travel insurance company won’t provide coverage.  What to do?  Consider Age Concern travel insurance, which is designed specifically for those of a certain age who have a difficult time getting coverage from other companies due to age and/or pre-existing medical conditions.

SeniorSkiIt’s an unfortunate truth that those around ages 55, 60 and older are penalized in life, often prevented from doing those things they are most passionate about because of their age.  One of those passions is traveling; when you have worked all of your life so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement, it’s hard to accept that you cannot travel abroad because of your age, medical issues, or the fact that you plan to participate in activities that may be deemed risky by your insurance company.  Age Concern travel insurance makes it possible to travel the world and experience all of those locations you’ve dreamed of for decades, even if you plan to snow ski, kayak or participate in other activities that other companies may think too risky.

How much will Age Concern travel insurance cost?  While it is a bit more expensive than traditional travel insurance, the cost is worth it considering you can personalize the coverage to your unique needs.  How much you pay will depend on a number of factors, including pre-existing medical conditions, the risk level of activities, etc.  In addition, you can purchase coverage on a per-trip or annual basis, depending on whether you plan to travel out of the country multiple times in a single year, or only a time or two.

Travelers should never assume that should they have an accident and need medical care, their regular medical insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare will pay foremergency it – this is not the case.  This is another reason it is important that you check in to what Age Concern travel insurance has to offer, as you can choose accident coverage so that if you are involved in an accident that results in injuries, the costs will be covered.  This may include emergency care, medical equipment and other costs.

Circumstances often change when you’re planning an extended trip or holiday; what would happen if you had to cancel at the last minute?  Would you be responsible for hotel accommodations, airfare, car rental and other non-refundable expenses?  With Age Concern travel insurance, even those expenses can be covered.  This offers peace of mind, knowing that should an emergency situation come up just days before your trip, you will not be stuck with these expenses.

active seniorsTo ensure that you are approved for coverage, always be honest when providing information to the insurance company, such as age, health conditions, etc.  Review the coverage options available to you carefully, so that you can choose only the coverage you need and not pay for coverage you do not need.  Now, you can travel anywhere around the globe that you like, without worrying that you will be denied coverage.  Age Concern travel insurance makes living your dreams of traveling to the most romantic, adventurous or exotic locations in the world possible.  Your golden years are a time when you should thoroughly experience life, without the restraints of children, financial worries or having to work a 9 to 5 job every day.  Live it up – you deserve it.